Did You Know That Nurses’ Satisfaction Rates Impact Patient Outcomes?

Did You Know That Nurses’ Satisfaction Rates Impact Patient Outcomes?It’s been long debated whether or not there is a correlation between the satisfaction of nurses in their jobs and patient outcomes. It’s easy to see how this might be the case. Nurses that work long shifts, in poor facilities are more likely to make errors, or not have the resources necessary to provide the best care. Still, some argue that adequate care should be provided regardless of how satisfied nurses are with their jobs.

The Impact of Longer Shifts

Do you believe the mantra that happier nurses equals healthier patients? Well, consider the negative effects of longer shifts. Nurses that work shifts longer than 10 hours were two and a half times more likely to report dissatisfaction with their job. This might not seem significant, but consider how working longer shifts might adversely affect care. Nurses that experience burn out are more likely to make a mistake.

Nursing Staff Size Impacts Mortality Rates

Another aspect to consider is the nurse to patient ratio. It makes sense that nurses with more patients on their roster are more likely to report job dissatisfaction. If they feel like they never get a mental—or physical—break during a shift, they might become unsatisfied. This can actually be a matter of life and death. A recent study looked at the size of nursing staffs, and determined that the differences in staff actually had an impact on mortality rates.

Improved Work Environment Leads to Fewer Errors

Nurses that have a better work environment are more likely to be engaged and make less errors. Better working environments and career advancement opportunities can actually increase productivity, which leads to happier, better satisfied patients.

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