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We are here to assist you with every important aspect of HEDIS project(s), which include: chart retrieval, chart abstraction, and Hedis Workflow Software. Hire our Chart Review Nurses to assist your plan from consulting to full-scale utilization.

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Chart Review Nurses helps relieve the stress and pressure of hedis chart abstraction by providing the industry’s top professionals and/or state of the art technology. Hedis projects are becoming larger and more complex making the organization of work, assigning of abstractors, managing of chart pursuits, and monitoring of overall progress increasingly difficult. By utilizing our network of over 300 nurse abstractors, we will help you reduce costs associated with hiring, training, and managing hedis projects. Call Chart Review Nurses today to find out how we can help you.

HEDIS Navigator is a secure work environment focused on increasing productivity and efficiencies related to the hybrid portion of a HEDIS project. This software allows you to manage the workflow of your audit projects from start to finish. HEDIS Navigator is a completely secure web-based application that gives project managers, coordinators, and nurses the ability to access data and documents right from their computers. Plans choose to use the hosted solution not only because of the technological efficiencies, but also because it allows them to focus on their expertise as professionals rather than the clerical and repetitive aspects of the process.

Hedis abstraction training courses will be conducted by our senior clinical staff members utilizing the latest NCQA technical specifications for guidance on hybrid measures. Course content includes: measure specifications, online presentations, collaboration with classmates, assignments, quizzes, real-time chart review scenarios, and a certificate upon completion.

Coming Soon: We will be offering additional training resources via an industry-leading Learning Management System (LMS) provider.

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