Best Flexible Nursing Job in the US

Best Flexible Nursing Job in the USAre you looking for the best flexible nursing job in the US?

There are so many understandable reasons you may be seeking a flexible nursing job, among them being:

  • More work/life balance
  • More time for child-rearing and other family commitments
  • More time for recreational activities such as marathon training, cycling, swimming, etc.
  • More time to explore the world and experience its delights
  • More time for whatever means the most to you!

These days, nurses don’t always have to work in the traditional hospital settings, with challenging, long shifts and not much extra compensation. Quit the often-thankless hospital work environment and consider joining the team of qualified nurses at Chart Review Nurses. You’ll have the flexibility to do more of what you love to do without leaving your nursing practice behind completely.

What is HEDIS?

HEDIS stands for Healthcare Effectiveness Data Information Set. Basically, it’s a compilation of healthcare data from hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other facilities throughout the nation. Our network of nurses compile, analyze, synthesize, and draw conclusions from this data. This allows comparable healthcare facilities to see how they compare and in which ways they can improve to boost patient outcomes in certain key areas.

How would I work on the HEDIS team?

All HEDIS nurses work from home, or from wherever they choose. They use their nursing expertise every day by serving patients in this not-quite-traditional way. When you apply to joint the HEDIS nurse network, you can pick your specialties and make your own schedule. You’ll have the flexibility to work when it’s right for you—not the other way around. There are so many wonderful perks to working for HEDIS—apply now to see for yourself!

Be a nurse without the requisite high stress levels

So many nurses end up feeling tremendously burnt out when they’ve worked in a high-intensity hospital or doctor’s office. It can take a toll on your emotions and your stress levels, but what are you supposed to do? You worked so hard to make it through nursing school and accomplish all the requisite certifications and training sessions… you can’t just quit and throw it all away!

Thankfully you don’t have to choose between these two terrible options. You can work for Chart Review Nurses, put your nursing knowledge and skills to work every day, and skip all the stress. You’ll be able to greet your family at the end of the day with a genuine, happy smile on your face when you work for Chart Review Nurses each day.

Consider joining the HEDIS network, and feel free to ask any questions you may have by calling (877) 328-2343 or emailing Or if you’re ready to submit your resume and application now, it’s absolutely free—just click here to submit the form.