Medical Chart Abstraction Made Easy

What is medical chart abstraction?

Medical Chart Abstraction Made Easy

Abstraction is the process of taking away or removing certain types of information from something in order to reduce it to a set of essential characteristics. In medical chart abstraction, it is the process of collecting important information from a patient’s medical record and transcribing the information into discrete fields for a purpose. Medical chart abstraction is a functionality that is needed for report HEDIS performance measures for quality improvement for health care organizations. There are many benefits to appropriate medical chart abstraction. There are multiple types of data or information that are abstracted from medical records. These include patient appointment schedules, doctor orders, patient allergies, medications, immunizations, patient problem lists or diagnoses, and patient history.

Successful chart abstraction

There are some key factors to having a successful abstraction process. Abstraction planning efforts should take into consideration some of the following. The abstraction planning should start early in the process. The planning should also include the scope and budgeting requirements in the project lifecyle. A realistic budget for the abstraction should be identified based on the scope of the project. Key stakeholders that are needed to participate in the decision-making process should be identified. The scope of the abstraction including the data that will be needed to be abstracted, by whom, and when will need to be recognized. Additionally, the project should have oversight to ensure timelines are met and abstraction is completed appropriately.

How HEDIS Nurses makes chart abstraction easy

At HEDIS Nurses we ensure that our team are experts at what they do. We pre-screen and train our HEDIS Nurses to be quality HEDIS specialists. Our team is experts in medical chart abstraction. Additionally, HEDIS Nurses offer flexible procedures and have state of the art HEDIS workflow software. Our HEDIS Nurses help relieve the stress and added pressures of HEDIS chart abstraction by using the industry’s top professionals and latest technology. HEDIS projects are becoming larger and more complex making the organization of work, assigning of abstractors, managing of chart pursuits, and monitoring of overall progress increasingly difficult. We have a network of over 300 nurse abstractors to help reduce costs associated with hiring, training, and managing HEDIS projects.

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