HEDIS Nurses Help Cut Waste In the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare IndustryMost nurses would agree that striving to improve patient care is one of the most important concerns for healthcare professionals. Nurses have always been an essential part in this desire for progress; they tend to spend significant amounts of time ensuring that patients get the best treatment and follow up possible. Nurses can also use their expertise with patients to help the medical profession with another major concern. Nurses working on HEDIS projects assist the healthcare industry eliminate waste and lower costs.

HEDIS Quality Measurements

Experienced nurses working on HEDIS quality measurement projects use their knowledge of patient care to analyze information in medical records and collect meaningful data that can be used to rate health plans in the United States. HEDIS is an acronym for Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set, a tool that uses the data collected by HEDIS nurses to create the industry reports. These reports are reviewed by medical professionals, health plan providers, and employers and consumers interested in health plans. The results show what processes are successful in patient treatment and what processes need improvement as well as how physicians, facilities, and plan providers are performing. This data gives everyone involved in the medical field detailed information on how patient care can be enhanced.

How HEDIS Nurses Work to Avoid Waste

The HEDIS findings also provide medical industry professionals with information on current processes in patient care that are wasteful. This information is available as a result of the data that nurses working on HEDIS projects provide every year. HEDIS nurses gather information about patient treatment that helps improve patient care, and they also collect important data about the costs of patient care during their project work. HEDIS nurses look for processes that monitor quality and efficiency of care in order to eliminate waste. Cutting out unnecessary expenses allows the healthcare industry to lower overall costs, benefiting facilities, plan providers, and ultimately employers and consumers who do not have to spend as much for coverage and treatment.

How Nurses Can Get Involved In Cutting Waste

Any experienced nurse who wants to be a part of improving patient care across the nation will find HEDIS work rewarding. Treatment processes are continually modified to achieve better patient experiences as a direct result of their project work, and examining these processes also leads to less waste. Nurses who are skilled in patient care and who have a solid understanding of medical records from treatment through follow up can use their knowledge to work on HEDIS projects. If you believe you would be a good fit for HEDIS project work, you can contact Hedis Nurses to learn about the process of becoming a HEDIS nurse and find out more about how you can work to improve patient care and help the healthcare industry cut wasteful spending.