Need HEDIS Training?

Need HEDIS Training?

The Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) is a widely used performance improvement tool in healthcare. There are many healthcare plans, physicians, and other organizations that report HEDIS results. But understanding the HEDIS measures and knowing how to appropriately report the initiatives can be complicating. There are 90 HEDIS measures over 6 domains of care are reported. There are HEDIS technical specifications that include new and updated HEDIS measures with instructions on the appropriate data collection and guidelines that are used for calculations and samplings. The measures are constantly improving and looking at ways to update the ways of reporting. The changes with HEDIS will be useful in providing valid and reliable health care information in the evolving medical landscape. It also includes rules for allowable adjustments of HEDIS to accommodate the application of HEDIS measure to various levels of the healthcare system for quality improvement initiatives. The HEDIS measures were developed and are maintained by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

HEDIS Training Courses

With the constant updates and changes to the HEDIS measures, it is increasingly important to know and understand how to appropriately and accurately collect, document, and report HEDIS measures. However, Chart Review Nurses is on top of the changes with the HEDIS measures and are knowledgeable about the initiatives. Chart Review Nurses

provides HEDIS training for healthcare organizations who are interested in learning more about the measures and would like to stay up to date on the changes. Our senior clinical staff members hold HEDIS abstraction training courses using the latest NCQA technical specifications for guidance on hybrid measures. The course content will include measure specifications, online presentations, collaboration with classmates, assignments, quizzes, and learning through real-time chart review scenarios. Upon completion of the course a certificate will be awarded to those who participated. Currently we provide HEDIS abstraction training courses. But in the near future, our team will be expanding our courses and offering additional training resources via an industry-leading Learning Management System (LMS) provider. The LMS will enable us to provide more integrative content on the HEDIS measures.

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If you are interested in learning more about how our team at Chart Review Nurses can help further educate you and your team on HEDIS measures, contact us today. Rely on the competent experts at Chart Review Nurses to fill your knowledge gaps on the HEDIS initiatives. After completing our training courses, know that you will become qualified to collect, document, and report on the HEDIS measures. You will know that the goal of the HEDIS measures is to improve the overall quality of care for patients.